Blu-ray Mini Marquee Review

After rummaging around the forums on, I happened upon news of this cool Blu-ray Mini Marquee.  I promptly contacted the creator, Brett Roby, and commissioned him to design one for me with a customized DHT logo at the top.  Brett was very helpful in ensuring that I was getting exactly what I wanted, and he was great at sending me regular updates during production.  It only took a few weeks before the entire project was finished and had arrived at my doorstep.  The Blu-ray Mini Marquees are still sort of in a prototype phase as Brett continues to refine the building process and final product.  Prototype or not, however, this thing looks great!

It's made out of wood and hand-painted.  I'm sure Brett could paint it any color you want, but the color black worked just fine for me.  The bottom of the marquee has four clear rubber feet for stability and to protect the surface underneath.  Brett also offers the product with either a "NOW PLAYING" or "NOW SHOWING" faceplate.  I opted for the latter just to keep things consistent in my theatre.

The LED lights are activated by a switch on the back of the Mini Marquee and powered by AA batteries. 


I originally placed the Blu-ray Mini Marquee on one of my video racks as seen above, but then later decided it would fit better on the bar.


In place on the bar.


The bar at night.


The marquee also fits DVDs, but note that the top of the DVD case will obscure the upper blue LEDs.


With the lights off.



The Blu-ray Mini Marquee is an awesome addition to my home theatre.  This product is a must for any home theatre aficionado and therefore I highly recommend it.   

Brett Roby was great to deal with and I wish him much success with the future of this product.  If you would like to order one, please visit today!

[UPDATE - October 23, 2011] I had Brett perform a slight modification to the unit with the addition of two dimmer switches for the upper and lower blue LEDS.  Here are the results:

I find the ability to adjust these LEDs absolutely ideal for my room conditions. The Mini Marquee is perfect now.

Again, to order one, please visit